seo techniques|on-page optimization

on-page optimization.

seo techniques consist of a major part on- page optimization is done on website to attract users by using meta tags containing title tags, description tags . Content optimizations is done using keyword under a density of 2-5 % with making primary keyword in bold,italicized and underlined and using lot’s of keywords relevant to content and get priority from google guidelines and users .Image optimization is done by using alt tags as image can’t be crawled by crawlers.


seo course

SEO is search engine optimisation which is used to raise web sites, web pages in search engine using on page optimisation and off page on page the  things used are meta tags which is divided into title tags, description tags and keywords tags. seo content optimisation is done using keyword density 2-5 % .Alt tags used for images.And in off page optimisation building backlinks to site increases value in google and which leads to raise rank in search engines in seo listings in top.
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keyword research

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how to do keyword research

Just go to keyword planner tool register with gmail account,click on tools and then click on planner and give category selection and  find numerous keywords which are in demand for ur website/blog & choose from it and use it  by seeing the traffic of keywords .  Use it  in title tags,description tags under it’s limit and  make a  high ranking of site in search engines <a href=”Mlb Forums“>